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X-Rays & Imaging

Within any dental practice, X-rays play an indispensable role in oral care by uncovering insights that might remain concealed during standard dental examinations. Our practices harnesses state-of-the-art technologies usually found at the most advanced specialists facilities, including digital imaging, panoramic X-rays, intraoral cameras, 3D x-rays of your head and neck, and FDA approved X-ray artificial intelligence analysis software to ensure a comprehensive and accurate assessment of your oral health. 

Our digital imaging and X-ray technology produces high-resolution images while exposing you to lower radiation levels than emitted by most other dental practices’ X-ray units. These high-resolution images aids our team to identify cavities, infections, and anomalies that could escape the naked eye, allowing us to catch issues long before they become larger, and more expensive, problems. Panoramic X-rays and 3D Imaging provide our team a broad perspective of your entire oral structure, encompassing teeth, jawbone, and adjacent tissues. These images assist our team in diagnosing and repairing issues like impacted teeth or irregularities in the bone. Intraoral cameras capture detailed images within your mouth, enabling our team to review with you early signs of dental problems and create plans to address them before your issues become large and expensive.  

Our artificial intelligence technology also act as an FDA approved second opinion to our dentists, allowing you to have two professional’s opinions in just one visit to ensure you’re getting the best, and more appropriate, care possible. Few practices in all of Ohio have adopted this cutting edge, industry leading technology to benefit their patients. At Oak Lane Dental, you can be assured we invest in our patients to ensure you have the best outcomes possible. 

Additionally, we use the most recent iTero scanner models for your comfort and success. By scanning your mouth during each visit, you can see 3D changes to your mouth with each visit. To increase patient satisfaction, these scans are also used in lieu of traditional molding material when creating impressions for crowns or other restorative devices and greatly decrease the time needed to fabricate and place a crown in a patient’s mouth

By incorporating these advanced tools, we can identify dental concerns in their initial phases, facilitating more efficient and timely interventions. Regular X-rays are a pivotal preventive strategy, ensuring the preservation of your oral health and guaranteeing top-tier dental care quality. 

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