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Mouth Guards

Dental devices known as mouth guards and night guards are carefully designed to provide comprehensive protection against various forms of tooth damage. In sports and physical activities, mouth guards absorb physical impact to significantly reduce the risk of tooth fractures, chips, or harm. Custom-fit mouth guards ensure athletes of all ages experience both comfort and unobstructed breathing, all while offering optimal safeguarding. 

Conversely, night guards are specialized apparatuses worn during sleep to counteract bruxism—an involuntary habit of grinding or clenching teeth. By creating a barrier between the upper and lower teeth, night guards prevent enamel wear and alleviate strain on your jaws. These tailor-made night guards not only relieve bruxism symptoms such as headaches, jaw discomfort, and tooth sensitivity, but also provide a protective shield against grinding-induced tooth damage. Whether utilized for sports or nighttime protection against bruxism, these guards offer invaluable dental preservation, fostering oral well-being and the longevity of teeth. 

At your next appointment ask our office about getting a custom mouth guard or night guard! 

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