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Dental AI

Pearl, dental Artificial Intelligence, is an FDA approved second opinion for nearly every dental procedure. You will see what our dentists see, knowing you’re getting the right care, every time. Pearl helps our team maintain high standards when it comes to your dental care. We have chosen AI that is industry-leading to ensure consistent and accurate x-ray evaluations. 

Dental room is shown focusing on a screen showing x-rays that contain artificial intelligence information. Dental overhead light is also shown.

How It Helps You

See What The Dentist Sees
Pearl AI makes it easier for you to see what the dentist sees. The AI will highlight areas of concern and help you clearly understand your own x-rays.

Catch Problems Early
The AI algorithm can help identify problem areas, like cavities, when they are small so our team can treat them before they cause you more discomfort. It can also help examine the overall health of your teeth and gums.

Get Accurate Treatment
Our goal is to give you accurate results and the best treatment. Using Pearl AI can help our team give you a second opinion. 

At Oak Lane Dental, we embrace modern technology that helps us give you the best dental care possible.

Screen shows dental x-ray with portions of the teeth highlighted in pink and blue.

How It Works

  • Standard x-rays are taken at your appointment 
  • Our dentist and dental assistants will examine your x-rays 
  • Pearl Second Opinion AI is used to ensure that x-rays are properly examined, and real time results are provided 
  • You get quality treatment and a second opinion from one chair 

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